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After graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance in 1982 Woody started is his career in real estate appraisal over 30 years ago. He was previously a partner in a successful appraisal company in St. Petersburg, Florida in the early 1990’s and worked for national appraisal companies in the late 1990’s. He started Herr Valuation Advisors, Inc. in 2002 and is very fortunate to hire the best appraisers in the business.  Woody is on most of the approved appraiser lists for many of the local, regional, and national banks, and government agencies, and his work is widely accepted by clients who are outside the region. His experience is very broad based and includes just about every type of commercial property. 



FL – State Certified General Real Estate
Appraiser RZ785

Updated 2019




Appraisal experience consists of a wide variety of valuation and consulting assignments, including major income-producing commercial properties, industrial and special-use properties, agricultural properties, citrus processing facilities, condominium, townhome, and subdivision development valuations, golf courses and country clubs, marinas, hotels, movie theaters, automobile dealerships, vacant tracts of land, litigation valuation assignments, jurisdictional land and environmentally-sensitive wetlands appraisals, lease analysis and market feasibility studies.



2002 – Current

Herr Valuation Advisors, Inc.


  Primary responsibility associated with managing commercial real estate appraisal and consulting assignments prepared in the State of Florida concentrating on the West Coast.

2001 – 2002

Realty Services International a subsidiary of MortgageRamp

  Sr. Director

  Responsible for the management of the Tampa office of RSI, with primary responsibility associated with quoting, assigning, and reviewing commercial real estate appraisal and consulting assignments. In addition, I trained and assisted staff appraisers and performed typical office management functions. Our primary market area is the State of Florida and Southeastern U.S.

1997 – 2001

Integra Tampa Bay, FKA Pardue, Heid, Church, Smith & Waller



  Responsible for the management of the commercial real estate appraisal division of Integra. Primary function was to market and bid appraisal services, train and assist appraisers, and to coordinate the production of reports.

1995 – 1997

Hanford/Healy Appraisal Company & GMAC Commercial Mortgage

  Senior Appraiser

  Conduct appraisal and consulting assignments throughout much of the eastern U.S. on large, institutional grade properties. Other responsibilities involved local commercial real estate appraisal and consulting assignments, and due diligence assignments.

1990 – 1995

Corson, Stroud & Herr, Inc.


  Responsible for marketing, quoting assignments, preparing appraisals, training staff of appraisers, and reviewing work product.

1988 – 1990

Corson-Godwin & Associates, Inc.

  Senior Appraiser

  Prepared commercial appraisals of various types, primarily in the West Coast of Florida region.

1984 – 1988

Forgarty & Finch, Inc.

  Appraiser Associate

  Prepared a variety of commercial and residential appraisals within the Tampa Bay area.

1983 – 1984

Florida Federal Savings & Loan

  Staff Assistant

  An assistant to the Senior Vice President of Residential Lending, primarily preparing production reports and special assignments.

1982 – 1983

Money Plan International

  Financial Consultant

  Consulted individuals on retirement and insurance needs.



Licensed Real Estate Broker, Florida BK 414381

Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, State of Florida, No. RZ785




Appraisal Institute, MAI Designated Member #9189


Appraisal Institute Florida Gulf Coast Chapter, President 2014

Appraisal Institute Region X Volunteer of Distinction 2012

Risk Management Association, Board of Directors



  • Hillsborough

  • Pinellas

  • Pasco

  • Hernando

  • Manatee

  • DeSoto

  • Federal



Bachelor of Arts – University of South Florida, Major – Finance



  •         4-Hour Valuation Resources for Solar Photovoltaic Systems, July 2018

  •         7-Hour Real Estate Damages, April 2018

  •         7-Hour USPAP, April 2018

  •         3-Hour Florida Law, April 2018

  •         3-Hour Parking and its Impact on Florida Properties, March 2018

  •         3-Hour Hot Topics and Myths in Appraiser Liability, November 2017

  •         2-Hour Craft Beer Pours into Commercial Real Estate, May 2017

  •         7-Hour USPAP, September 2016

  •         3-Hour Florida Law, September 2016

  •         7-Hour Business Practices & Ethics, September 23, 2015

  •         15-Hour Litigation Appraising: Specialized Topics and Applications, March 2015

  •         3-Hour Developing A Supportable Work File, February 2015

  •         3-Hour Trial Components: Recipe For Success or Disaster?, November 2014

  •         15-Hour The Appraiser as an Expert Witness: Preparation & Testimony, May 2014

  •         7-Hour USPAP, March 2014

  •         3-Hour Florida Law, March 2014

  •         3-Hour Critical Thinking In Appraisals, February 2014

  •         3-Hour Lessons From the Old Economy: Working in the New November 2013

  •         4-hour Front of the house/back of the house hotel valuation seminar, April 2013

  •         3-Hour Spotlight on USPAP: Hypothetical Conditions & Extraordinary Assumptions, February 2013

  •         14-Hour Fundamentals of Separating Real Property, Personal Property, and Intangible Business Assets, March 2012

  •         7-Hour USPAP, March 2012

  •         3-Hour Florida Law, March 2012

  •         15-Hour Appraisal Curriculum Overview, November 2011

  •         7-Hour Business Practices and Ethics, September 2010

  •         14-Hour 2010 Washington Summit, July 2010

  •         8-Hour Market Analysis and Market Forecasting, April 2010

  •         3-Hour Florida Law Update for Appraisers, March 2010

  •         3-Hour Florida Supervisor/Trainee Roles & Rules, March 2010

  •         7-Hour USPAP Update Course, March 2010

  •         7-Hour Introduction to Valuing Commercial Green Buildings, November 2009

  •         7-Hour Commercial Appraisal Engagement and Review Seminar, October 2009

  •         4-Hour Property Tax Assessments, September 2009

  •         7-Hour National USPAP Update Course, September 2008

  •         3-Hour Florida State Law Update for Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Institute, June 2008

  •         3-Hour Florida Supervisor Trainee Roles and Rules, Appraisal Institute, June 2008

  •         8-Hours, Course 420 - Business Practice and Ethics, Appraisal Institute, November 2007

  •         4-Hour Analyzing Distress Real Estate, Appraisal Institute, November 2007

  •         15-Hour Uniform Appraisal Standards For Federal Land Acquisitions; AKA “Yellow Book”, April 2007

  •         7-Hour National USPAP Update Course, October 2006

  •         3-Hour Florida State Law For Real Estate Appraisers, October 2006

  •         3-Hour Scope of Work and the New USPAP Regulations, June 2006

  •         2006 new Technology for the Real Estate Appraiser, June 2006

  •         Business Practices and Ethics, Dec. 2005

  •         Market Analysis and the Site To Do Business, Nov. 2005

  •         7-Hour National USPAP Update Course, October 2004

  •         The Five W’s of the Investment Market, Appraisal Institute, June 2004

  •         Beat the Clock and Increase Your Billings, Appraisal Institute, June 2004

  •         Trends In Institutional Real Estate, Appraisal Institute, June 2004

  •         C-Stores: An Allocation Case Study, Appraisal Institute, June 2004

  •         Cool Tools & Resources, Appraisal Institute, June 2004

  •         Valuation Summit on Financial Reporting, Centre For Advanced Property Economics, June 2004

  •         Florida State Law Update For Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Institute, June 2004

  •         The Emerging (Mark To) Market: Valuation for Financial Reporting, Appraisal Institute, Sept. 2003

  •         Expanding Your Range of Services, Appraisal Institute, June 2003

  •         Land Valuation Assignments, Appraisal Institute, February 2003

  •         Analyzing Commercial Lease Clauses, Appraisal Institute, November 2002

  •         Appraiser Liability, McKissock, October 2002

  •         7 Hour Analyzing Commercial Lease Clauses, Appraisal Institute, November 2002

  •         DYNA LEASE Version 10.1 Training Seminar, March 2002

  •         Appraisal Consulting, April 2002

  •         7 Hour Florida State Law & USPAP Review, April 200

  •         Cross Examination of USPAP 2000

  •         Course 430, Standards of Professional Practice, Part C (With Florida law update), October 2000

  •         Demand Analysis, July 2000The E-tailing Revolution, July 2000

  •         The valuation of a citrus operation, July 2000

  •         Appraising Auto Dealership Facilities, July 2000

  •         Partial Interests:  Theory and case law, July 2000

  •         The real estate capital markets: An update to valuers Part I

  •         Attacking and defending an appraisal, June 2000

  •         Case Studies in Commercial Highest and Best Use (ACE7007), June 1999

  •         Business Enterprise Valuation (ACE7018), June 1999

  •         International Symposium – The Globalization of Real Estate, June 1999

  •         Client Satisfaction/Client Retention/Client Development, June 1999

  •         The Good, The Bad and The Board (ACE2174), February 1999

  •         Understanding and Using DCF Software (ACE2178), November 1998

  •         USPAP/Law Update for Appraisers (ACE1847), October 1998

  •         Valuation of Detrimental Conditions, October 1998

  •         Appraisal Office Management, May 1998

  •         Florida Condemnation Valuation & Appraiser Liability, September 1997

  •         Hands-On Review of the Internet for the Appraisal Professional, May 1997

  •         Tree Trunk Formulas, October 1996

  •         Standards of Professional Practice, September 1995

  •         Course 901, Engineering Plan Development and Application, January 1995

  •         Understanding Limited Appraisals & Reporting Options, Appraisal Institute, July 1994

  •         Course 401, The Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions, May 1994

  •         The Appraiser as Expert Witness, Appraisal Institute, May 1994

  •         Professional Core Law for Appraisers, Real Estate Specialists, April 1994

  •         Eminent Domain, Pinellas County BAR Association, February 1994

  •         Advanced Income Capitalization 510, February 1993

  •         Appraising Troubled Properties, Appraisal Institute, June 1992

  •         Comprehensive Appraisal Review, Ted Whitmer, August 1991

  •         Course 2-2, Valuation Analysis and Report Writing, October 1987

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  •         Course 1A-2, Basic Valuation Procedures, September 1986

  •         Course 8-2, Residential Valuation, September 1986

  •         Course 1B-B, Capitalization Theory & Techniques, September 1985

  •         Course 1B-A, Capitalization Theory & Techniques, May1985

  •         Course 1A-1, Real Estate Appraisal Principals, October 1984

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