At HVA, Inc., we have appraised numerous property types ranging from vacant land to large mixed use developments. We don’t specialize in any one property type, however, due to the high volume of appraisals conducted here, we have appraised many properties that are considered specialty uses such as churches, schools, medical offices, and bank branches. Listed below are properties we have appraised over the past several years.



While we cover the entire state of Florida for large appraisal assignments, our primary coverage area is comprised of the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties on the central west coast of Florida.


I’ve always been frustrated with poor service and unfulfilled expectations.  Why is it that when you order a product like furniture or computers and the delivery is promised on a certain date, you find yourself waiting only to receive a phone call late that day or the day after saying that the delivery was held up? Then when the product is delivered, something is missing or damaged and you end up waiting for the replacement.  Why is it that you have a 10:00 doctor’s appointment and find yourself in the waiting room for an hour only to be escorted to an exam room where a nurse asks a few questions and you sit there for another half hour?  Then the doctor drops in for five minutes.  And, why do you order an appraisal and don’t hear anything from that appraiser for two or three weeks?  Then, at the last minute the appraiser tells you he or she doesn’t have all the information they need to finish the appraisal?  


My customers typically order appraisals on commercial real estate on behalf of their client. Everyone is often in a hurry and they can’t afford to wait on a report only to find that the appraiser has an excuse as to why it’s late.  And, it’s not fair to them to receive a poor quality, inaccurate appraisal that was rushed by the appraiser.  This makes you look bad and could jeopardize your relationship with your client.


It’s been my mission to provide excellent service.  When I receive an order I set up the file and assign it to one of my highly trained and experienced appraisers, who conducts preliminary research before contacting the property owner and setting up an inspection.  We will notify our client if there are any problems or missing information early into the process so they have the time to rectify the deficiency and our goal is to deliver the appraisal early – only after diligently going over every aspect of the report, making sure there are no omissions or mistakes.


I have a vision of my customer getting to work in the morning and opening up their calendar to see what’s on the agenda and noticing that our appraisal is due that day and a look of satisfaction on their face when they realize it was delivered the day before or is in their inbox.  If this sounds appealing to you, I would love to have you as my client and develop a long term working relationship where you can trust me to always provide you with the service you expect and deserve.



After graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance in 1982 Woody started is his career in real estate appraisal over 30 years ago. He was previously a partner in a successful appraisal company in St. Petersburg, Florida in the early 1990’s and worked for national appraisal companies in the late 1990’s. He started Herr Valuation Advisors, Inc. in 2002 and is very fortunate to hire some of the best appraisers in the business.  Woody is on most of the approved appraiser lists for many of the local, regional, and national banks, and government agencies, and his work is widely accepted by clients who are outside the region. His experience is very broad based and includes just about every type of commercial property.


Florida State-Certified General Appraiser RZ3173


After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 2005, Brian immediately started his career appraising in Naples, Florida.  Brian achieved his MAI designation in record time and in 2012 he moved to Tampa and joined Herr Valuation Advisors where he is a Senior Appraiser. Living northwest of Tampa Brian appraises many properties in western Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus Counties.  His focus has been on mobile home parks, daycare centers, and multitenant office buildings but he has the experience to appraise any type of commercial property.  He also has appraised conservation easements and wet lands.


Florida State-Certified General Appraiser RZ2243


After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1989, Ashlie started appraising in 1992.  She worked in Tampa appraising a wide variety of commercial properties and in 2015 joined Herr Valuation Advisors where she is now a Senior Appraiser.  Ashlie can appraise any type of commercial property and with her background her focus is on land and agricultural properties, condominium and townhome developments, office, retail and apartments.  Ashlie is very personable and great with property owners and clients.


Florida State-Certified General Appraiser RZ3671


After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance in 2000, Amanda spent two years in corporate finance before beginning her appraisal career. She worked in the Orlando area appraising a wide variety of commercial properties including apartment buildings, retail properties and shopping centers, offices, industrial buildings, religious and special purpose properties and vacant industrial, commercial and residential land.  She recently moved to St. Pete and joined the HVA team.  Amanda is well versed in many different types of commercial properties and has developed a great network of relationships through her 16+ years in the industry.


Florida State-Certified General Appraiser RZ3836


After graduation from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 2011, Wayne immediately started his career working for the top real estate appraisal firm in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Wayne moved to Tampa in 2016 and joined Herr Valuation Advisors.  He’s appraised many different types of commercial properties and his focus is on industrial, office, and retail properties.  Wayne has performed valuations on various other property types throughout his career including, but not limited to vacant land, restaurants, apartment complexes, condominium development, convenience stores, mixed-use properties, self-storage facilities, banquet facilities, as well as other special use properties.



While attending the University of South Florida Jeff began working for Herr Valuation Advisors in 2008 part time as an intern.  After graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication Jeff was promoted to full time Executive Assistant.  He possesses a wide array of skills and handles production, accounting, HR, IT, and client/vendor interaction.  If Jeff doesn’t have the answer he can get you to the person who does.  He is extremely reliable and accessible.

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